Appetite-Suppressing Terpenes For Losing Weight

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Because terpenes are vast categorization of plant compounds, they have an immense array of physiological effects on the mind, body, and spirit. Ranging from anti-inflammatory, to sedating, to mentally uplifting and stimulating, terpenes can amp you up or unwind you down, they can relieve pain, tension, and calm anxiety and stimulate the appetite. One particularly notable aspect of certain terpenes are their anorectic, or appetite suppressing quality. Many cannabis users greatly enjoy the many benefits of the plant, but don’t appreciate the “munchies” or increased appetite and desire to raid the kitchen cabinet for sweets and junk food. If you are trying to slim down for summer, or simply don’t want to be yearning for chocolate and Doritos at 11 pm, consider trying the following terpenes and terpene profiles.


Limonene is anti-inflammatory and is commonly used in dietary supplements as it promotes weight loss. Limonene is safe to be used in foods, beverages, and is often used as flavoring in chewing gum and candy for its potent and mouthwatering lemon flavor. Simply adding a drop to a glass of water provides both a zingy lemony flavor and the anorectic, appetite suppressing qualities many may be seeking.

Smoking strains like Super Lemon Haze and Lemon Skunk that are high in limonene can be greatly beneficial to those seeking to lose weight as these strains suppress appetite while providing the user with an uplifting and energizing effect, great for exercising.

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Super Lemon Haze
This sativa dominant strain blend is one the best strains to use when looking for the energy and motivation to go to the gym. It has a very potent dank smell, with an extremely fruity taste promises a robust high with a lemon undertone. The beta-caryophyllene in this strain, mixed with energizing pre-workout drink or caffeine, will have you running marathons.

Other cannabis strains with high limonene content:
Kosher Kush
Lemon G
Wedding Cake


Humulene is another terpene which is known to suppress the appetite and inhibit the munchies. Although it is disappointing that no official studies have been completed on its anorectic properties, it's widely acknowledged throughout the medical cannabis community, especially in testing labs, that humulene works in a similar fashion to the cannabinoid THCV by suppressing appetite. Hopefully in the near future, as federal legalization of cannabis occurs, scientists will work to quantify the anorectic effects of humulene and other terpenes on patients.

Smoking strains like Death Star and Headband will provide unique highs while preventing the dangerous late-night snack eating from occurring post-consumption.

Other cannabis strains with high humulene content:
OG Kush
Skywalker OG
Sour Diesel
Bubba Kush

For those who are seeking to consume limonene without smoking cannabis consider (diff)using the terpene isolate. Aromatherapy is an excellent way to ingest the appetite suppressing compound without inhaling smoke into the lungs. There are also limonene-infused lip balms, bath bombs, and other products that allow a consumer to ingest it but diffusing the terpene isolate and diffusing either humulene or limonene into your space is most likely the most effective way to take it in.


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