Terpene Basics

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Terpenes represent the aromatic and flavor building blocks of our natural world. They exist in virtually any plant that contains a fragrance and taste, which also happens to include cannabis. They are a vast classification of chemical compounds found in trees, fruits, plants, vegetables, insects, and all throughout nature. The benefits of terpenes have been scientifically evident since at least the 1900s but have been used throughout human history in one form or another.


Dictate your product’s effect, flavor, and consistency with Inca Trail’s pure food grade terpenes.

Whether its a cannabis cartridge, a candle, a body wash, or any other product you would like to determine the flavor or scent of, terpenes can help you find your precise desired profile.


We are Inca Trail Terpenes, a supplier of high grade, organic and all natural terpenes for use as flavoring and fragrance agents. The term terpene refers to a large group of organic compounds that are produced by a wide variety of plants. Terpenes typically possess strong aromatic properties, making them incredibly useful for adding pleasant scents to products. Flavor is often another characteristic associated with terpenes; many of them contribute to familiar flavors such as those found in citrus fruits. The combination of scent and flavor makes terpenes an extremely valuable addition to a diverse group of products ranging from food additives to CBD (no THC) products.

Natrual and Food Safe.

Whats in our product? Nothing but terpenes. Inca Trail Terpene Profiles are made from 100% natural terpenes, nothing else.
A typical blend could consists of:
  • Terpinolene
  • Beta Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Humulene
  • Beta Pinene
  • Linalool
  • Alpha Bisabolol
  • Guaiol Terpineol
  • Alpha Pinene
  • Alpha Phellandrene
  • Geranyl Acetate
  • Delta 3 Carene
  • Alpha Terpinene
  • Fenchol

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  • Blueberry Muffin Strain is famed for its spectacular flavor and euphoriant highs. This strain was created by the enduring stockman DJ short. Blueberry’s parent strains square measure crosses between the indica Afghani and 2 sativas of Thai and Purple Thai. It 1st emerged within the late Seventies within the European nation.Stoners Surplus Shop

    albort andrew on
  • Hey Robert and Nick!

    The best method is direct inhalation, so aromatherapy would work great. I would put some into an air differs near your bed if insomnia is keeping you up at night. We have a sleep blend, loading with terpenes isolates curated to be a sleep aid.

    Our Blueberry Muffin has 21% limonene, so that sweetness is mostly coming from the specific isolate. Terpene profiles are wildly divergent and inconsistent, so if you had another company’s blueberry muffin that tasted like sugar, it may be another isolate or ingredient entirely.

    Inca Trail Terpenes on
  • How is the blueberry muffin so “sweet”? It tastes like sugar, what terpenes is that?

    Nicholas Williams on
  • What is the recommended way to test the effects of a terpene blend? Whats a good starter recipe for someone that has trouble sleeping?

    Anonymous on

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