Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants, essential oils, and cannabis and are responsible for their unique odor. These compounds provide a myriad of mental and physical benefits. Even in small concentrations, terpenes have dramatic benefits as they interact with enzyme systems, neurotransmitters, and second messenger systems to create physiological effects. Such effects include Anti-insomnia (aids sleep), Anorectic (weight loss), Antidepressant, Relieves anxiety, and many more!

Unique & Complex Blends

All-natural food grade terpenes formulated for functionality and flavor to accurately recreate specific cannabis strains. With up to 40 different isolates per blend, enhance your products with the best tasting, most complex terpene profiles on the market. Unlike some companies, we never use any additives, diluent, or carrier agents to artificially enhance or dilute our products, all-natural botanically derived terpenes. At Inca Trail Terpenes, Purity is our priority. We have 200+ strain blends like Mango Kush and Sunset Sherbet, but also offer fully custom blends at any volume. We can handcraft your custom Terpene profile, to help you achieve the precise flavor, effect, and viscosity your project requires.

Lab Tested & Quality Assured

Inca Trail Terpenes stands for uncompromising quality and safety procedures. We put a lot of emphasis on the raw isolates we use which make up 100% of our blends. Unlike our competitors who do bare minimum abstract testing, our terpene isolates are extracted from natural raw material with the highest purity possible and tested by experts. We offer the most accurate terpene blends on the market, always lab direct. Our blends are tested for solvents, pesticides, cannabinoids, and undergo rigorous terpene profile analysis, ensuring the blend's profile and source material are consistently accurate. Our terpenes can safely be used in food products, vape cartridges, and cosmetics.

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