About Us


We live in a day and age where it is extremely easy to feel disconnected from nature. Many of us don’t know what is in the products we buy, the food we eat, and where it comes from. When used properly, terpenes and terpene-infused oils can provide a break from the stresses of the world. They provide relief, clarity, and comfort. For many, terpenes can be the first small step in reconnecting to nature and by extension, with yourself.

Our aim is to bring the world a natural and unparalleled product to a booming industry, terpenes. We decided we wanted to make a product which embodied this ideal and looks as eye-catching as the unforgettable Inca trail. Here at Inca Trail Terpenes we want you to know that we care what people are consuming, ingesting, and applying onto their bodies. Based out of Southern California, we are committed to bringing you honest and naturally sourced ingredients, not only from Peru, but from all around the world.

Inca Trail Terpenes is headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, just a few blocks from LA Live and the Crypto.Com Arena. With a storefront on Olympic Boulevard, we welcome those interested in shopping or learning more about terpenes to walk in or schedule an appointment and check out our vast selection.

We are among the founding members of the rapidly growing terpene industry and aim to inspire consumers and businesses to divert to cleaner and more natural alternatives in the fields of health, beauty, and beyond. Our staff has a range of experience in cannabis, essential oils, product formulation, chemistry, and health and beauty, but the one through line is our passion for terpenes.

In sunny Southern California, Inca Trail is leading the charge in the industry as one of the only major terpene providers in the country, and the only one based out of Los Angeles. Our website is consistently being updated with new products, recipes, and educational posts, so make sure to check back to discover the latest cutting-edge terpene products and info.