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Humulene is one of ten primary terpenes. It’s been identified as an essential compound in hops plants and is a source of that distinct hoppy taste many beers, like IPAs, are known for.

Humulene is a woody, earthy scented terpene found in hops, coriander, basil, and cloves. This forestry-smelling terpene is commonly found in cannabis and has been the subject of considerable biomedical research, including studies on black pepper, hops, and ginseng. Research has proven it to be an effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant.

Our Terpene Blends contain NO cannabis, THC, CBD. They're non-psychoactive and sourced from botanicals. No cutting agents - We don't use any additives, diluents, or carrier agents to artificially enhance or dilute our products. 

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