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strawberry cough terpene flavor cannabis derived all natural full spectrum terpenes for sale
strawberry cough terpene cannabis derived all natural full spectrum terpenes for sale
all natural full spectrum high quality ultra pure cannabis derived terpenes for sale
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Strawberry Cough

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Strawberry Cough is an iconic strain blend with a terpene profile including alpha-pinene, myrcene, and others. Strawberry Cough is a sativa strain blend with a distinct strawberry aroma and uplifting effects that will kick you out of your seat and make you want to get stuff done. 

Perfect to diffuse in aromatherapy, Strawberry Cough will make a room smell like a strawberry field and will energize everyone in the room! 

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Our Terpene Blends contain NO cannabis, THC, CBD. They're non-psychoactive and sourced from botanicals. No cutting agents - We don't use any additives, diluents, or carrier agents to artificially enhance or dilute our products. Large orders may be subject to a lead time.