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Candy Gas terpenes are a candied cannabis terpene infusion. Candy gas terpenes contain no THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids. 

As you indulge in Lemon Cherry Gelato, expect to be greeted by the vibrant, tangy burst of candied lemon, perfectly balanced with the deep, sweet notes of cherry. This delightful dance of fruity flavors is then seamlessly enveloped by the smooth, sophisticated undertones of Gelato, a strain renowned for its dessert-like qualities and profound effects, all met with a truly gassy cannabis essence. 

Lemon Cherry Gelato exemplifies the Candy Gas line's ethos: to craft terpene profiles that are not just blends but celebrations of the exquisite marriage between the playful allure of candy and the complex, grounding presence of cannabis.

Enhance your extracts with Lemon Cherry Gelato, our premium Candy Gas profile which beautifully blends the boundaries between candy and cannabis.

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