The Terpene Book

The Terpene Book

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Have you ever stepped into a forest while hiking, or taken a deep breath near the ocean and felt a clarity of mind? Did you know studies show post-surgery patients with flowers on their bed side needed less painkillers and reported less fatigue than those who did not? These are due to terpenes, a group of chemical compounds found in plants, trees, cannabis, and all throughout nature.

Many people in the modern world have become disconnected from nature and its life-giving benefits, and stress, anxiety, and depression are a symptom of this disconnection. Study after study indicates the physiological and emotional benefits of connecting and interacting with nature on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we lead busy lives, in cities, with too many obligations to be able to connect with Mother Earth as much as we wish we could. Today, due to urbanization, 55% of the global population reside in urban areas and concrete jungles, and that figure is expected to rise to 68% in upcoming decades.

The Terpene Book is a comprehensive guide to using terpenes for both the adept and the inexperienced. With expert guidance on cannabis, homemade cartridges, culinary applications and plenty more, O'Leary directs the cannabis consumer to become the
homemade producer. Learn how trees emit terpenes to manipulate their environment and bring themselves water, how terpenes can substitute for toxic and cancer-causing commercial products, how terpenes can remedy the opioid crisis, and how terpenes may be an answer to the ever-present ecological crisis.

The Terpene Book concisely lays out how to use terpenes and the plethora of physiological, emotional, and behavioral benefits which we all can achieve from interacting with these natural plant compounds. Even in small doses, when one is in tune with nature, one can expect a healthier, more prosperous life, and for many, terpenes might just be the answer. With dozens of recipes for homemade products and interviews with field experts, this handbook is the perfect encapsulation of the next booming market and trend following CBD, delta-8, and THC-O: terpenes.


The Terpene Book.
First Edition, 2021.
Hardcover, 262 pages, 7x10 binding. 
Published 2021 Ultraviolet Publishing.
ISBN 978-1-64999-909-2.
Library of Congress Control Number: 2020916447.