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Key Lime Pie is a hybrid boasting of a delicate balance of zesty lime, subtle sweetness, and a hint of creamy richness. It's an explosion of flavor that will have you longing for more.

Close your eyes and inhale deeply, and you'll be greeted by an aroma that is nothing short of enchanting. The fragrance of freshly squeezed limes mingles with the sweet scent of baked graham crackers, creating a symphony of delightful notes that dance in the air. It's as if you've stepped into a bakery, where the aroma of a freshly baked Key Lime Pie wafts through the room.

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Our Terpene Blends contain NO cannabis, THC, CBD. They're non-psychoactive and sourced from botanicals. No cutting agents - We don't use any additives, diluents, or carrier agents to artificially enhance or dilute our products.

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