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Unveiling the aromatic allure of Jealousy Kush Mintz, a captivating marriage of strains that results in a terpene profile as complex as it is distinctive. The magic begins with the Sherb gas of the Jealousy parent, a deep and enigmatic fragrance that summons the senses. This is elegantly complemented by the sweet gas notes of Kush Mints, inviting a sensory exploration that is both profound and memorable.

But the journey does not end there. Beneath the gas aromas, a surprising sweetness emerges, reminiscent of cream and candy. This unexpected twist seals the experience, leaving a lingering scent that dances delightfully on the edge of your senses, akin to a decadent treat of creamy candy and refreshing gelato.

Jealousy Kush Mintz is a strain that doesn't just hint at complexity—it revels in it, promising an unforgettable olfactory journey that will truly lock you in


Our hemp profiles are authentic, complex, and made with the most desired cannabis genetics in California. 

Enhance your extracts with authentic cannabis flavors in our California compliant terpenes.  

Don’t overpay for premium hemp terpenes! Our Live Resin profiles are 100% hemp-derived terpenes.

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