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Bubba Kush offers a terpene profile which unabashedly showcases its all-natural, gassy aroma, paying homage to the potent, unmistakable scent of unrefined cannabis.

Our terpene blend finds its roots in the iconic Bubba Kush strain, known far and wide for its robust personality. As you first open the bottle, the scent is pure and profoundly grounding. It's a brisk plunge into a rustic world, filled with the wild, heady aroma of a flourishing hemp field, rich and gassy, yet captivatingly pure.

Our hemp profiles are authentic, complex, and made with the most desired cannabis genetics in California. 

Enhance your extracts with authentic cannabis flavors in our California compliant terpenes.  

Don’t overpay for premium hemp terpenes! Our Live Resin profiles are 100% hemp-derived terpenes.

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