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Inca Trail Terpenes









                  Terpenes are molecules made by a myriad of plants (including cannabis) for a number of evolutionary reasons.  Even in small concentrations, these compounds have dramatic benefits as they interact with different enzyme systems, neurotransmitters, and second messenger systems to create physiological effects throughout the body. With scents ranging from citrus, to earthy, to spicy, and piney, terpenes are the reason many foods smell and taste appetizing; they’re Mother Nature’s spice cabinet. These aromatic compounds can be effective when inhaled at low concentrations. They can also be applied topically to the skin, ingested, or vaporized and smoked. Terpenes are common to the human diet and have a long history of use throughout human civilization.

                  The Entourage Effect is a principle by which cannabis compounds synchronize to modulate and maximize the impact of cannabinoids together with terpenes on the human condition. As we are fond of saying, cannabinoids are the engine and terpenes are the steering wheel.

                  Drawing on decades of research, we've handcrafted terpene blends designed for a physiological result upon inhalation. 

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